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Had this stupid idea floating in my head the last few days. XD
safe1918682 artist:symbianl435 pipp petals8893 zipp storm6862 pegasus382435 pony1266332 g529974 absurd resolution70400 adorapipp866 adorazipp373 angry31572 cheek fluff7542 chest fluff50556 cross-popping veins2134 cute228314 dialogue77010 ear fluff39563 female1554187 floppy ears62294 food83780 ice cream5699 mare587907 raised hoof57305 scrunchy face7695 siblings13517 signature33352 sisters11900 sisters being sisters34 speech bubble29556 stifling laughter127 this will end in pain2293 this will not end well2053 unamused19627 zipp storm is not amused130


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LMAO! Great joke dude try making more funny one-page comics like these.
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Zipp definitely has that Jimmy Neutron pudding head mane lol. Though, not as much as the actual Chancellor Puddinghead
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