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When you want it…. 😏
Oh look, a normal vector of me for once. πŸ˜†
Face based on Applejack’s from >>2594377. Too good to pass up.😎

safe2151392 artist:php178693 derpibooru exclusive39860 oc934581 oc only678684 oc:nocturnal vision71 alicorn309482 pony1579273 .svg available10662 absurd resolution66982 alicorn oc36110 bag9349 colored wings13606 cringing410 cute262687 cuternal vision16 faic14824 female1777790 folded wings18763 forced smile459 gradient wings1738 great moments in animation1051 horn178093 lip bite15194 long mane6526 looking at something4892 mane3330 mare726556 mistletoe2227 music notes4621 not sure if want275 ocbetes8855 ponified50206 ponysona3549 questionable face2 raised hoof68286 realistic mane84 saddle bag8103 simple background584128 smiling388706 squee2125 svg5212 tail95116 transparent background280644 unf357 vector89217 want217 wanting6 wings216146


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