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Meet Wave Breaker :3
A shark pony, who has a talent for surfing :3  
She spends a lt of time at the beach, practicing and learning new surfing tricks with her surfboard collection. Wave is also a keen swimmer as well, as she enjoys spending time swimming and doing diving at the beach too.
She’s a very chill and relaxed pony, who is happy to help lend a hand when she needs to, and like to help teach other ponies who t ride surfboards too.
safe1754490 artist:ichiban-iceychan1517773 artist:violetfeatheroficial56 color edit7783 edit136189 oc713618 oc only466328 oc:wave breaker1 original species26625 pony1014084 shark2132 shark pony2144 equestria girls207758 anklet990 belt5892 collaboration5483 colored19881 ear piercing27906 earring22232 equestria girls-ified10157 feet41690 female1405217 flip-flops1044 flippers203 goggles14484 jewelry68705 lipstick11685 makeup22923 mare503816 multicolored hair5975 necklace20650 piercing43257 raised hoof48571 reference sheet13227 sandals4511 seashell560 seashell necklace136 simple background410414 solo1096899 surfboard794 swimming goggles119 transparent background209401 unshorn fetlocks27357 wetsuit844


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