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Color of Baron Engel's work.
safe1677081 artist:baron engel1943 color edit7540 edit129466 octavia melody23511 earth pony238065 anthro253854 unguligrade anthro47035 armor23318 bow (weapon)1392 breasts269889 colored19101 female1336953 greatsword31 mare466809 pencil drawing7756 quiver168 saber132 simple background383813 solo1044246 traditional art115974 transparent background198198 unconvincing armor1122 weapon29808


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@Background Pony #E4D1


I was commenting on the art as a whole. Yes the armor is utterly useless and is a distraction due to the fact it leaves nothing to the imagination.

I was appreciating the work someone put into colorizng one of Baron's pieces, which they did a hell of job. Plus, Im a big Octavia fan.
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@Background Pony #E4D1
It is for an adventure. And lets be honest, they could just ogle her corpse. Chainmail bikinis are worthless if you encounter an enemy worth half their salt. You're more likely to distract your allies than your enemies.