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safe2200835 artist:ketumii7 cozy glow9708 princess flurry heart9712 alicorn320172 pegasus508818 pony1631248 g42056915 a better ending for cozy242 blushing279818 crack shipping4363 exclamation point5831 feather8786 female1832692 flirting2486 floating heart6630 grin64109 heart78739 innuendo1698 lesbian119198 math983 older41104 older cozy glow558 older flurry heart2919 pencil4901 pickup lines116 question mark6916 ship:cozyheart82 shipping257915 smiling406993 tsundere3500 tsundereglow3


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The most important step in creating a voodoo doll is obtaining something from the body of the target.