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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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“Oh… H-hi”
What would you do?

safe2154591 artist:fliegerfausttop47118 princess celestia111842 alicorn310165 pony1582564 g42007276 behaving like a bird751 blushing268972 cake12756 cakelestia1321 camera5154 camera shot1709 cheek fluff9204 chest fluff63934 chocolate cake118 city6282 cute263266 cutelestia4257 ear fluff49273 embarrassed15084 feather8477 female1781346 fluffy19258 food99983 frog (hoof)19810 funny5437 grooming943 hoof fluff3168 leg fluff4802 looking at you254592 macro14777 mare728369 multicolored hair11485 offscreen character51285 partially open wings1948 pov19695 preening1162 rainbow hair4667 raised hoof68481 recording1401 signature42648 sitting90770 solo1409965 surprised12648 time116 traditional art141705 underhoof68003 wide eyes19757 wing fluff2296 wings217028


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