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Fun fact about this art. It's actually finished a while back before Derpibooru's April Fool joke. It's just that the author happened to published it recently XD
I always wanted to get an art of jeppesen preening her wings. It looks so cute for pegasus pony to do that
And I guess the person who planed this year's April Fool had the same idea as I have LOL

This art comes with two versions. One with her entire tail braided and one with only the tip of her tail braided.
Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comment section donw below.
Fully braided
Partially braided
safe1677086 artist:inowiseei257 oc666351 oc only438646 oc:jeppesen54 pegasus280606 pony939803 behaving like a bird613 braid5591 braided tail1123 chest fluff37570 cloud29894 commission65409 cute195443 ear fluff28229 feather5735 female1336954 flower24951 flower in hair7474 grooming738 lying down15463 mare466810 multicolored hair5187 night25630 night sky1737 pegasus oc9446 preening1016 prone24996 sky13564 solo1044247 stars15158 twin braids116 wing noms27 wings101160


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