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One day, I was laying in the doorframe of my own part of the house, looking outside…it was just about summer, as the weather started to warm up greatly, making me to be mostly in the shadows….I not really liked hot weather…
….as I was laying there, Sunny came over to me, and I looked at her, I noticed, she already have her summer outfit.

"Hey little guy, how are ya?"
I just let out a sigh, and laid my head on the ground..

"Hehe…it's hot, huh? Hey, wanna fly a bit? Maybe the wind helps you cool down." she suggested.

I was thinking for a bit, considering my options…then letting out a huff, I slowly got up, then looked down at Sunny and nodded.

"Okay then, let's go!" she said, running ahead and flying up.

I smirked and did the same, with some less efforts tho, and when I caught up with her, we flied together over the meadows in the aera, enjoying the wind as it rushed past us…..
safe1691808 artist:scarlet-spectrum1043 oc675651 oc:diamond sun92 oc:hawker hurricane45 pegasus286185 pony953467 anthro257083 unguligrade anthro47753 series:pet hawk11 anthro with ponies2569 belly button76737 bikini17858 clothes454285 commission66965 female1349718 flying37696 hawkmond35 male367902 mare473766 midriff19199 sarong1019 stallion106905 swimsuit27848


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