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safe1724811 artist:shore2020113 cloudy quartz1395 pinkie pie217986 earth pony255775 pony985136 adorable distress569 adoraquartz56 comforting1294 crying44073 cute202583 diapinkes10147 duo62677 eye clipping through hair6019 female1379403 filly68026 filly pinkie pie408 floppy ears53116 good parenting9 high res30976 like mother like daughter400 like parent like child512 looking at someone550 looking down9071 loose hair1862 mare489894 mother and child2489 mother and daughter6001 pinkamena diane pie19223 sad24766 sadorable919 sitting64262 teary eyes4252 weapons-grade cute3730 young1620 younger17568


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PreCutiemarkPinkie Pie: Mom why am I so different? Limestone looks at me weird. Marble is mean to me. Maud treats me like an outlier.

Cloudy Quartz: You are different Pinkamena Diane Pie, we named you after your father´s mother for this very reason. You don´t belong here, you will find your place somewhere else in the future, but you will always be welcome here.

PreCutiemarkPinkie Pie: But I don´t want to be different! I want to be here with you!

Cloudy Quartz: Maybe now, but not ultimately. Your live awaits you. I can sense it.
Background Pony #BBC5
Very nice.
Can never get enough canon moms and their foals. Celestia knows the show hardly gave us any.