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safe2087677 artist:shore2020151 cloudy quartz1669 pinkie pie247258 earth pony410021 pony1446616 adorable distress835 adoraquartz61 comforting1573 crying53267 cute251868 cuteamena921 diapinkes12110 duo148453 eye clipping through hair12735 female1708454 filly91439 filly pinkie pie533 floppy ears69013 good parenting10 high res92890 like mother like daughter458 like parent like child585 looking at someone11947 looking down13373 loose hair2253 mare683203 mother and child5092 mother and daughter7672 pinkamena diane pie21803 sad30173 sadorable1507 sitting86200 teary eyes6387 weapons-grade cute4496 young1891 younger21565


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PreCutiemarkPinkie Pie: Mom why am I so different? Limestone looks at me weird. Marble is mean to me. Maud treats me like an outlier.
Cloudy Quartz: You are different Pinkamena Diane Pie, we named you after your father´s mother for this very reason. You don´t belong here, you will find your place somewhere else in the future, but you will always be welcome here.
PreCutiemarkPinkie Pie: But I don´t want to be different! I want to be here with you!
Cloudy Quartz: Maybe now, but not ultimately. Your live awaits you. I can sense it.
Background Pony #BBC5
Very nice.  
Can never get enough canon moms and their foals. Celestia knows the show hardly gave us any.