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Sonic Rainboom, Movie Style! 😆😙

Enjoyed the rainboom from the movie…and enjoyed making this vector way too much. Got to experiment a lot with this one!😀 And I had a lot of fun recreating that 20% cooler movie-style rainboom.😄

Better yet, you can check my progress in the included SVG file! Which contains the two screenshots I combined to create this awesome moment.

Not my dream Dashie, but good still. 😊

Streaking image perfect palindrome (111). 🌈
safe1726983 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28767 rainbow dash236167 pegasus299993 pony987262 my little pony: the movie19193 .svg available8400 barrier breaking1 boom69 circle266 circles17 concentric circles1 determination136 determined774 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 double sonic rainboom8 enjoying650 enjoyment16 flying38769 front view478 glow4471 gotta go fast300 gradients3 happy31709 high res31126 highlights347 lens flare1814 looking up16826 movie accurate1263 rainbow4609 rainbow trail664 shading1927 shine like rainbows130 shiny2473 simple background401044 smiling254279 sonic rainboom1094 sound barrier16 sparkles4645 streaking124 svg3684 trail288 transparent background205454 vector77309 windswept hair208 windswept mane2820


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