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Sci-Twi being chased by a giant dragon while Smolder laughs and Fluttershy lets out a nervous laugh, I don't have much to say about this image. Hope you like it.
Extra images from other angles in Derpibooru.

Sci-Twi, Smolder, Fluttershy and the dragon © Hasbro.
Images made by me.
Models and map credits to their respective authors.
safe1677590 artist:gradiusfanatic209 basil387 fluttershy209693 sci-twi23734 smolder7688 twilight sparkle296849 dragon54541 pegasus280764 pony940200 unicorn311536 equestria girls196389 3d73291 dragoness8041 equestria girls ponified4242 female1337299 gmod7360 male362991 mare467012 unicorn sci-twi693


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