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Ok I can’t be the only one who thinks Celestia and Zecora would look ADORABLE together <3
#mlp #my litte pony friendship is magic #mlp ship #ponies #pony #celestia #princess celestia #zecora #omg so cute #i ship these two so hard #adorable #girlfriends #art #my art #drawing #digital art #digital drawing #artwork #illustration #artists on tumblr #celestia and zecora #celestia x zecora

safe2150561 artist:jademoona12 princess celestia111696 zecora11033 alicorn309314 pony1578429 zebra23473 g42003985 blushing268001 butt225975 clothes623846 crack shipping4257 duo163533 female1776983 floral head wreath3156 flower38560 lesbian116289 looking at each other33420 mare726104 plot140415 quadrupedal2805 see-through7345 ship:zelestia19 shipping250702 spread wings91511 wings215976


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Background Pony #2CAE
How one zebra became Equestria’s embassy for the zebra nation, by being lesbian with the queen.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

You shook of the chain  
that hold you rein  
for so many year  
my dear.
No more need for youth potion  
a releationship in motion.  
Canterlot left behind.  
In Everfree forest noone to find.
Two souls on the way  
nowhere to stay,  
but besides one another.  
My sweet lover.