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The head of the Sire’s Hollow Development Committee raised some money to make some “developments” of her own~

Big thanks to y’all for the great reception the last “Pony Stream” pic got. I know you guys want more, and I definitely want to do more, but it’ll be more on a “when I feel like it” basis rather than making them on a regular schedule. These are really fun to do and I feel like they’re at their best when they aren’t made out of obligation.

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suggestive140667 artist:sketchybug335 stellar flare1198 anthro256036 belly button76349 big breasts80375 bra15645 breast implants53 breasts272902 busty stellar flare235 chat191 cleavage34107 clothes452757 cutie mark46947 female1346074 head out of frame521 huge breasts37647 implied sunburst123 lace798 lingerie10348 lip bite11442 livestream381 milf9408 panties49620 solo1051609 solo female177792 underwear60039


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Background Pony #0D69
Awesome, I can't wait to see who you chose. If I had to guess, it would be between…Stormy Flare, Harshwhinny, or Trixie.
Background Pony #96B8
To be fair, if my mom was as hot as Stellar Flare, i'd struggle to avoid simping for her too. Many such cases, no doubt. 😌😌😌
Background Pony #692A
Hold up… the mod is named Nutburst… could it be…?

Hmm, hope she gives him "special thanks"~
Background Pony #0D69
Awesome, glad to see that this series gets to continue. I hope that mood strikes you again because these are great.
Mirror Star

If I'm being honest, I can imagine Stellar Flare doing something like this. I can also imagine this happening in real life; it (probably) does happen in real life.