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safe2153467 artist:pfeffaroo627 part of a set22865 princess celestia111796 princess luna116260 twilight sparkle354573 alicorn309926 pony1581375 g42006530 the last problem8025 age progression873 exasperated face21 female1780213 floppy ears71869 flowing mane4682 folded wings18831 frustrated838 height difference2134 high res406089 hoof shoes9364 jewelry110642 line-up1279 looking at each other33508 looking at someone14946 looking down14345 looking up23598 mare727649 older39491 older twilight4305 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3802 open mouth232841 peytral7165 pink background6123 princess twilight 2.03771 profile7744 raised hoof68434 regalia35708 royal sisters6567 siblings21168 simple background585180 sisters17559 size difference20853 smiling389488 spread wings91807 standing24047 teary eyes6737 trio25313 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147990 unfair20 wings216669


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Background Pony #2176
Don’t worry Luna, most fim fans says that ‘The Last Problem’ doesn’t exist therefore you’re forever taller than Twilight Sparkle.
Luna: “Ah, I see… So ‘The Last Problem’ isn’t canon to the fim fans…”
Background Pony #14A6
and Cadence is the same size of Luna and she say, I know how you feel! well my daughter Flurry is smaller then both of US!