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Twilight was like “yoink”. Tempest was like “ajsixjen”.

safe2119631 artist:mangoshibi17 fizzlepop berrytwist9846 tempest shadow18800 twilight sparkle349968 alicorn303076 pony1548582 unicorn513181 g41933952 the last problem7836 broken horn15740 castle2845 clothes612251 column323 comic132287 corridor104 crown28733 cute257458 ethereal mane12783 female1745899 glowing horn28205 hoof shoes9099 horn173205 jewelry107237 laughing10700 lesbian114802 magic93822 magic aura8470 mare707799 older37809 older twilight3202 peytral6860 princess twilight 2.03657 pulling1026 regalia34845 scared13834 scarf30925 serious1603 serious face1387 ship:tempestlight3630 shipping246055 silly8690 silly pony3456 size difference20291 smiling377538 sparkles8119 spread wings88612 starry mane6856 sweat38567 sweating profusely572 telekinesis37842 tempestbetes2711 twiabetes14965 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146106 wings208738 yoink82


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Background Pony #FDE9
Here’s how I do it:
Fizzy: Oh, my. Who be….?
Twylight: Who are you?!?
Fizzy: Oh…
Twylight: Gotcha.
(she and Fizzy chuckle)
Fizzy: How I miss you.
Twylight; I miss you as well.
(they hug)
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I miss the show so much
Come on, Twi. You can’t do that “now you die” alicorn power pose every time you want something, no matter how funny it feels to you.