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safe2173862 artist:tenebrisnoctus227 princess celestia112683 alicorn314045 pony1602051 g42028532 concave belly5221 female1802197 high res407803 hooves25972 impossibly long tail251 large wings2941 leonine tail14102 long mane7237 long tail5469 mare740744 profile8200 slender6591 solo1425663 sternocleidomastoid1736 tail100578 thin9745 unshorn fetlocks46732 wings222863


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In aeronautics, planes that could endanger smaller aircraft, if they flew too close in behind, are given the keyword “heavy”, telling the air traffic controllers they need to keep larger distance behind them.
I believe this Celestia should be given the same keyword, due to her very large tail xD