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Sky Wing
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Good afternoon 47!

Your destination is the Southern Cloudsdale. Your target is a pegasus known as Lightning Dust. A former recruit of the wonderbolts, turned evil by overachieving resulting in neglection of friendship and loss of respect for fellow ponies.

She is now working on assebling a brand new flight team, specialized in death defying stunts. Intel also suggests that Scootaloo has taken an interest in the group.

The board has agreed to take him out, as such stunts could be a bad influence on young, unexperienced fliers that could result in careless repetition of the stunts leading in catastrofic accidents.

You will also need to take out Lightning Dust's henchponies Rolling Thunder and Short Fuse. Both of which could take her place and keep the group together.

The group will be practising their stunts at the Cloudsdale Arena. Your mission, is to infiltrate the arena, and take them out.

I will leave you to prepare.