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用翻译看完了 这楼里窝藏的都是些什么牛鬼蛇神啊!?
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Yes, you’re right in a way, but all bussiness companies aren’t really private. All of them are under the CCP. Plus, some bussiness companies are tied to the PLA (People’s Liberation Amry) (As of by some news and people) and some espionage and propaganda from the CCP to other countries saying China is a great country, to look like China just want bussiness and not taking over the world and lend their monies to bussiness in China for their economy and their military.
They’re just preparing when the time is right to strike the whole world. They just can’t do anything for now. In the meantime, they’ll try dominating the world’s economy and use the money they got to either debt trap developing/underdevelop countries for military bases or strengthen their military.

Not to mention Hitler-esque genocide and mental reprograming of Uyghurs and Falon Gong…China is evil
Not only that, they wanted to control the whole world under “socialism with Chinese Characteristics.” You could say China is Germany and the Soviet Union combined.
You think business cooperation is more like trying to control the world than military presence.
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Keep drinking the rice-flavored kool-aid, son, don’t worry the USA will conquer China and take back the 9-dash line before you know it…
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I just hoped this is not real thing we’re talking about on China and the CCP. Sadly, Falun Gong started in China, not a backed CIA cult. They were persecuted because of some political struggles of Jiang’s leadership in the CCP and because Falun Gong is very popular, around 100 Million Chinese practicing it before they are getting persecuted. There are even videos of Chinese Police beating up Falun Gongs. Even worst is that it’s not just spiritual groups but also religious groups. This is just one of many atrocities the CCP did. Always don’t trust to the CCP and its state-controlled media.
I don’t know how you even got that theory/information that Falun Gong is a “CIA connected cult.” Either you didn’t dig deep enough or you believe in the CCP itself and its insane Chinese medias.