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safe2155118 edit171332 edited screencap89388 editor:quoterific8500 screencap294033 apple bloom59614 applejack198827 cherry cola598 cherry fizzy656 comet tail961 pinkie pie253713 rainbow dash277409 rarity215908 scootaloo58444 twilight sparkle354814 earth pony438198 pegasus488268 pony1583110 unicorn529165 brotherhooves social567 crusaders of the lost mark1774 equestria games (episode)915 flight to the finish952 g42007512 make new friends but keep discord2265 newbie dash1179 owl's well that ends well524 parental glideance1236 sleepless in ponyville1455 the mysterious mare do well821 apple20988 apple core145 apple tree4240 book42992 cap6637 clothes625900 coach rainbow dash804 collage2048 cute263316 cutealoo3874 dashabetes12118 dress61024 female1781955 filly96271 food100019 hat122734 helmet15636 jumprope2 male543368 mare728758 ponyville7749 rainbow dash always dresses in style1948 scootalove2041 scooter1548 stallion191843 tent1339 text87927 tree48324 winsome falls41


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Background Pony #96F3
Same with me. And Rainbow zero yells on her as Twylight, Applejack, and Rarity yell on the CMC. She’s nice with them.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Lord of Blămp
This is one of my favorite relationships in the show. Rainbow learns so much from Scoots, and helps Scoots accept her limitations, and find ways to express herself otherwise. The chosen family aspect is super important in this age too. Definitely my favorite “sibling” relationship.
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