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safe2174876 artist:xanter19 oc947786 oc:blackjack3371 oc:morning glory (project horizons)565 pegasus496717 pony1602991 unicorn538164 fallout equestria22934 fallout equestria: project horizons4009 cloud43258 cloudy6799 dead tree470 duo170057 fanfic11388 fanfic art18631 female1803245 gloryjack109 grass15359 high res407878 hoofington70 horn190735 hug37610 lesbian117695 mare741379 ocean12666 rock6232 scenery10449 smiling397640 spread wings94565 sunset7761 tree49358 wasteland1567 wings223135


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DustDash Fanatic
Obvious spoilers for those who care. The scene takes place in a mental state if sorts, where Blackjack and Morning Glory’s consciousness are there but their physical bodies aren’t.
In an effort to stop Cognitum, Blackjack and crew take a rocket up to the moon. Morning Glory, being the smartest, stays behind in the control center to make sure the rocket launches safely. However, the control center isn’t shielded from the outside world due to its ruined state, so Morning Glory gets a nice radiation bath.
When Blackjack returns, having just lost Rampage and P-21, she discovers Morning Glory is still alive and rushes to meet her in an old hospital, where she is barely hanging on to life from severe radiation poisoning. I forget how, exactly, but she enters some kind of mental projection with Glory where Glory is physically fine and Blackjack has real legs instead of her cyber legs.
They share their last moments together while Glory dies (with the setting sun being the countdown) after Blackjack just lost two of her closest friends, and Glory needs to convince Blackjack to keep fighting despite having lost everything.

All these people saying this is a happy moment. Bruh.
Yeah I’m actually not up-to-date with the fanon. Is this depicting a scene where something really bad just happened/is about to happen?