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who won the miss /mlp/ 2020 contest
safe1617613 adagio dazzle12241 amethyst star2391 apple bloom47538 apple fritter737 arizona cow1031 autumn blaze3519 babs seed5637 barley barrel189 berry punch6228 berryshine6220 bon bon15682 carrot top5224 cheerilee9543 cherry berry1952 chickadee842 cinder glow692 cloudchaser3752 cloudy quartz1260 coco pommel5689 coloratura2779 cookie crumbles957 cozy glow6734 daisy2316 daring do6230 daybreaker2587 diamond tiara9863 dj pon-328442 fleetfoot2018 fleur-de-lis3382 flitter2921 flower wishes2185 fluttershy203209 fresh coat206 gilda9250 golden harvest5224 granny smith5131 inky rose475 jade spade46 kerfuffle501 lemon hearts2009 lighthoof507 lightning dust4353 lily1876 lily valley1874 limestone pie4752 luster dawn1272 lyra heartstrings28437 march gustysnows239 maud pie12011 mayor mare3130 meadowbrook768 mean twilight sparkle709 minuette5537 moondancer4575 ms. harshwhinny2261 ms. peachbottom842 nightmare moon16171 nightmare rarity2883 nurse redheart3392 octavia melody22987 pear butter2583 petunia petals166 photo finish2533 pinkie pie207683 princess cadance31107 princess celestia91255 princess ember5997 princess flurry heart6652 princess luna95590 princess skystar1847 queen chrysalis33402 rainbow dash224247 rainbowshine845 rarity173934 raven648 roseluck4819 sassy saddles996 scootaloo49671 sea swirl1460 seafoam1460 shimmy shake511 silver spoon6282 sonata dusk12911 songbird serenade1151 sparkler2241 spitfire12930 star dancer45 starlight glimmer45691 stellar flare1097 strawberry sunrise357 sugar belle2888 summer flare692 sunset shimmer58978 suri polomare1160 sweet biscuit378 sweetie belle47328 sweetie drops15683 tempest shadow16176 torque wrench232 tree hugger2661 twilight velvet3991 twinkleshine2086 vapor trail970 vinyl scratch28443 wind sprint526 windy whistles1957 zecora8953 oc628516 oc:apogee829 oc:aryanne3111 oc:conpone5 oc:corona chan46 oc:cream heart2175 oc:fausticorn1508 oc:filly anon2472 oc:floor bored499 oc:little league112 oc:littlepip3905 oc:marker pony389 oc:milky way2089 oc:nasapone131 oc:nyx2134 oc:pally7 oc:snowdrop1202 oc:thingpone370 oc:tracy cage333 alicorn206495 changeling43041 cow3053 dragon51014 earth pony216664 human146657 kirin7454 pegasus257994 pony885276 seapony (g4)3841 unicorn286024 zebra16290 fallout equestria15820 them's fightin' herds3934 equestria girls187886 my little pony: the movie18293 4chan6633 almond joy2 apple family member2607 caption20174 cherry blossoms500 community related3743 cutie mark crusaders18362 epona506 female1287673 filly61736 flower23484 flower blossom338 guardsmare512 image macro36329 mare440176 miss /mlp/ 20207 moot60 pinkamena diane pie18515 rainbowdash presents13 royal guard7164 text53656 the legend of zelda3507 verity30 wall of tags2659


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83 comments posted
Background Pony #DA2A
Ah yes, the old "haha I give short response and he give long response I trololol him!"
Are you saying that you successfully baited me? In that case, good job, I took it hook and sinker. You know, for a moment, I really thought you genuinely didn't like nazis! Glad we cleared that up and you're just here to bait.

I'm fairly certain your response is gonna be "no, I actually hate nazis" (correct me if I'm wrong). In which case I don't see the issue, you stated your (genuine) view, and I gave a genuine reply. The fact that you wrote just two words with no supporting arguments doesn't really do you any favours in the discussion, if the discussion is really genuine.

Speaking of "overreacting", in quotes for some reason, I never said that either. I think you're trying to project, by putting words in my mouth.
Background Pony #28B4
Way to once again try to flip the conversation around to make it look like they're the ones being dumb about the non-issue.
Background Pony #DA2A
You're free to disagree but that doesn't make everyone else not laugh at it.
Aryanne was practically forgotten and irrelevant before this site tried to ban her and a huge twitter campaign rose up agains the "nazi pony", and suddenly people realised, "wait, we can make certain people really, REALLY mad, just by posting this old OC we thought nobody cared about".

So feel free to disagree and keep posting about it, while the ones who post Aryanne are objectively doing it specifically to see your angry posts.
Background Pony #28B4
There's that "Stop liking what I don't like" mentality someone mentioned before.

Tough luck. Nazi's happened and still happen. You keep on being offended because it's better than pretending like they never existed at all. Not learning from history is how repetition happens.
So we're making a mockery of them by making a cartoon horse that satirizes what they stood for.
Background Pony #B772
@Neko Majin C
Liking a character of a certain reputation doesn’t make you whatever they’re representing, OC or otherwise.

Pirates are murderers, rapists and thieves, generally enormously unpleasant people in all aspects , including some historically documented cases where select groups even had some somewhat noble end goals, their means of getting there were still pretty damn terrible.
Yet kids media, MLP included, still practically glorify them for some reason. Inaccurately so, but still. We don’t take that seriously. Why should we take a ‘Nazi pony’ that seriously?
Someone apparently made the character for a laugh, likely for both concept and knowing it’d trigger people. The same way Zebras (substitute black people) are frequently being depicted as negative stereotype gang rapists. Sure don’t see the site cracking down on that, despite it being a much more common and modern negative depiction!

So no. I personally don’t defend Nazisim. I have a brain and know it’s bad for a multitude of reasons, both then and now. But I’m gonna go ahead and defend this fictional character, presented in art because it’s generally tagged appropriately for those offended to be able to ignore it simply enough.
People ignoring the simple methods to ignore this thing that offends them is their own problem.
Background Pony #18E5
@Background Pony #F253
If it was Applejack, Twilight, Trixie or Derpy, they were excluded for being top 4 last year, with Applejack being Miss /mlp/ 2019.
No need to bring them back the very next year (and potentially the next few even) when it's made pretty clear how loved they are.
Background Pony #F253
huh my wifu didn't win, nor was she on the list, this list is null and void.
Artist -


Criticize you guys or rather anyone who still on the hatetrain against a supposed Nazi problem. The amount of hatred, the amount of nazi ass tactics, starting witchhunts, threats of take-downs, threats of doxxing and the willingness to stoop to the lowest point of the supposed self proclaimed good guys, the people thinking their way is the obvious choice: The quote on quote Anti-Nazi side… the hypocrisy is staggering.

Like… BY CELESTIA… how people still hold strong onto that side when it showed its ugly backbone.

are all the anti-nazi commenters in this section unironically oblivious to the fact that Arynne getting voted for happens per the principle of "the more you hate it, the more fun it is"? If no one ever wrote a single comment, or not more than a single comment about Arynne and then let her go, she wouldn't be popular at all. It started out as one of many roleplaying threads on /mlp/, but the hate towards her is literally empowering them. Do you not learn at all?
Background Pony #28BF
i imagine this is a bracket for an MMA fighting thing. adds some messed up humor because with that approach roseluck beat up a blind filly and filly anon decked an old mare. i find that pretty funny.
Background Pony #28B4
Guys, you're arguing with the same people that would happily burn down the site they're currently on whilst they're inside, just to make sure that everyone in the world knows that they don't like a thing that you like.

What's funny is the way you phrased that can apply to both sides of that argument quite easily.
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Guys, you're arguing with the same people that would happily burn down the site they're currently on whilst they're inside, just to make sure that everyone in the world knows that they don't like a thing that you like. That happened very recently, to this site. So please just ignore them. Don't give attention to the arsonists. They dont know how to reason, only how to destroy.

Also I like that Aryanne beat Lyra after she stole the victory from Verity.