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safe1707589 artist:dbleki114 rainbow dash234070 pegasus292259 pony968739 blatant lies1318 chest fluff39184 crumbs256 cute199982 daaaaaaaaaaaw3898 dashabetes9253 dialogue65579 female1364201 floppy ears52367 high res29595 looking up16493 mare481225 puppy dog eyes733 sad24540 sadorable898 simple background393883 solo1065022 sweet dreams fuel1598 this will end in colic32 weapons-grade cute3695 white background98019


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Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
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CHS, Class of 20XX
Those were decoy cookies. You think I'd leave my cookies in a locked safe buried underground where anyone could find them? You don't know me at all.
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I don't accept your apology, and in fact I'm pretty sure you're gonna go to hell.