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She ate the whooooooooole snack table.
suggestive173328 artist:somefrigginnerd411 princess celestia105204 princess luna109367 twilight sparkle333320 alicorn275064 anthro316505 unguligrade anthro58513 annoyed6384 bbw5109 bedroom eyes72704 belly36284 big belly16428 big breasts107248 breasts344186 clothes560558 dress53954 fat26132 female1606272 females only15169 gloves25411 grayscale44073 hand on hip10953 high res86880 long gloves7822 monochrome163852 princess moonpig673 smiling332188 solo focus23462 stockings42116 stuffing1439 sweat33754 thigh highs48973 torn clothes5964 trio17767 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138745 wardrobe malfunction5886


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