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Art commission for the finished story commission written by Damaged called “Loving Darkness”.
Pic is of a very specific scene from the story that a really enjoyed.
The original pic uploaded a few months ago featured Stygian with regular pegasus wings. He actually has bat wings in the story. ;)
Link to the original pic.
Thanks to Aerosaur83 for taking this commission on and doing such a beautiful job on it. Also big thanks to Damaged for creating the story the pic is based on. Its a story that brings me a lot of joy and hopefully it bring others joy as well once it done. :3
Also, there will be more pics of these two from the story as time goes on.
Here is a older nsfw pic completed some time ago.
Enjoy! :3

safe2152621 alternate version84456 artist:aerosaur8330 princess luna116222 stygian990 alicorn309711 pony1580504 fanfic:loving darkness8 g42005074 bat wings16219 blushing268541 canterlot castle2923 cloud42513 eye contact7631 female1778997 flying54110 looking at each other33479 male542338 mare727103 rainbow6560 romantic2471 ship:styuna21 shipping250933 stallion191381 straight176254 waterfall2166 winged unicorn53 wings216412


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