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Luster be slacking on her friendship lessons
safe1727313 artist:chub-wub443 luster dawn1606 twilight sparkle303147 alicorn228551 pony987589 unicorn332465 lesson zero1530 the last problem5962 airpods36 bowl1656 cellphone3706 chips797 cross-popping veins1686 duo62896 feather6085 female1381689 food71521 friendship lesson38 friendship report69 glowing horn20067 here we go again95 history repeats itself31 horn70808 iphone641 levitation12307 magic74288 mare491164 messy mane7837 millennial luster dawn18 nintendo3601 nintendo switch580 older27297 older twilight1779 open mouth149919 panicking307 paper3261 phone6438 princess twilight 2.02466 quill2722 raised hoof47493 simple background401198 sitting64410 smartphone2092 soda1608 stressed247 telekinesis28210 this will end in detention74 transparent background205525 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124927 twilighting345


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This is the opposite situation. Previously, the student (Twilight) was super obsessively punctual with sending in every report on time, while the teacher (Celestia) didn't care.

Now, the student (Luster) is slacking on her assignment, while the teacher (Twilight) cares a lot, though it seems it took quite a few missed days for Twilight to react like this.
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Twilight would occasionally regress because she was the opposing party in each of the past events in her youth that had the opportunity to reoccur during her mentoring. Being on the other side of the glass makes her short circuit. ;D
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Luster Dawn: Didn't you have a similar situation Princess Twilight? And did Princess Celestia act the same way? Or was the story I heard much different?