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source needed18834 useless source url3807 suggestive172824 artist:smewed28 applejack187738 equestria girls233745 adorasexy11379 applebutt5642 applejack's hat11879 ass68583 breasts342947 busty applejack12481 butt178701 clothes558866 cowboy hat21905 cute236056 daisy dukes1606 female1602388 front knot midriff1563 hat108867 looking at you216878 looking back74027 looking back at you23207 looking sideways1574 midriff21692 open mouth197576 see-through6471 see-through shirt113 sexy37949 shorts17181 sideboob12644 solo1267805 solo female207409 the ass was fat18564 thick5463 thighs22304 wedgie1648


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Background Pony #0CB8
I totally agree.  
Many say Rarity is the perfect waifu but AJ is better.
I ship her with Filthy Rich.  
That ship is a bit underrated
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This AJ is preeetty darn close to the perfect woman. Not sure what more you could possibly ask for