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Commission — Champion

Commission I did for my good friend indighost of Amber regretting entering a food eating contest! Luckily she has a supportive BF (That just discovered his new kink)

BTW today is Amber's Birthday!!!

Also this is one of my emergency coms batch.

EDIT: Artist updated Amber's face: >>2559537
suggestive145594 artist:thedrunkcoyote325 oc698554 oc only456509 oc:amber steel195 oc:flynt11 coyote60 unicorn332898 anthro264918 anthro oc30375 bedroom eyes60357 belly29018 belly button79579 big belly11695 big breasts83923 blushing201176 breasts283761 building2576 burp2020 busty oc995 cleavage35150 clothes467652 dialogue66603 digital art19473 duo62966 eating contest110 female1382544 furry5274 furry oc951 grayscale38610 hand on belly320 horn71004 lineart20865 male380664 monochrome151015 non-mlp oc2634 non-pony oc813 oc x oc15887 pants14959 shipping203023 shirt25574 sketch63698 sky14572 speech bubble23791 stomach noise3264 straight138463 stuffed1712 stuffed belly212 sun6804 support85 tail29106 tanktop7844 text60600 thighs14373 this will end in diarrhea16 trophy756 unicorn oc10066


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Background Pony #99B8
Me: Can I rub your belly?

Amber Steel: Yes. You can come here if you want.

Me: (I went close to her and put my hands on her belly and rub it).