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Artist's description:

design from
I want to do lots of different outfits for Sonata, and came across this while browsing.
safe1601557 artist:rileyav604 sonata dusk12771 equestria girls185503 adorasexy8710 blue background4316 breasts249553 cleavage31879 clothes420114 cute183816 female1273975 grin34032 hand on chin82 leggings1795 looking at you149933 lying down11226 on side6405 sexy25969 shorts12713 simple background354964 smiling221356 smirk11357 solo993076 sonatabetes1054 tanktop7043 wristband3259


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Sci-Twi Lover
Stop fix/research/reveal the behind-the scenes to most of my unique comments, I won't tell y'all what they are, they're all remained to be private from being revealed forever.