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NOTE: I did not make this. I only edited the face. All credit goes to the original artist.

Really wish we got to see Sunset in a sarong-less bikini in the actual show without her snorkeling gear. Then again, I guess that's what fanart is for….
safe1727578 alternate version47203 artist:brother-tico159 edit134223 editor:thomasfan45254 sunset shimmer63872 human156785 equestria girls203238 equestria girls series33634 forgotten friendship5522 arm behind head6542 beach15405 beach shorts swimsuit107 beautiful5679 bedroom eyes60314 belly button79533 bikini18565 breasts283560 busty sunset shimmer5553 clothes467392 cute202967 cutie mark48475 cutie mark on clothes2617 female1381853 hand on hip6495 legs8656 lidded eyes31246 looking at you172218 midriff19582 nail polish7945 ocean6867 pose6014 sand2406 sexy30082 shimmerbetes4439 smiling254421 solo1078412 sunset shimmer's beach shorts swimsuit35 swimsuit28927 umbrella2743


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