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Background Pony #D39E
I’m sorry, but I’m dying at that typo. You even edited your comment, presumably to fix it, but you didn’t change anything.
Also, I now headcanon that some racist ponies (like Trenderhoof and the Rich family) would probably refer to a human woman as a “Femape”.
Background Pony #D39E
No, Smol, those are chicken eggs. Ponies are mammals, and most mammal species don’t lay eggs.
I believe it’s meant to be the former case, but I see how it could be interpreted as the latter.

@Background Pony #B94D  
For mammals maybe since we by nature put so much effort into making a baby we are inclined to put them in high regard. This could be different for a race that takes much less effort especially if these eggs aren’t even fertilized and thus wouldn’t hatch (female birds periodically laying them). So sentient bird people at the very least may not think it’s creepy.
Background Pony #B94D
Wouldn’t it be monumentally creepy for a sentient race to have their reproductive cells out for sale? Not to mention this must be a food market.

Is this Smolder not realizing that ponies don’t lay eggs and just assumes it’s from ponies?
Or is this Smolder surprised that the eggs ponies eat are this small and that what makes them puny?
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Live birthing species eggs are far more smaller than that, in fact we’re talking microscopically small. It has to be in order to fit in such a small tube like the fallopian tube.