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safe1586131 artist:pirill301 edit119550 derpy hooves48179 pegasus247178 pony856391 my little pony: pony life4032 unboxing day44 spoiler:pony life s01e3044 clothes414536 cute181175 cutie mark42062 derpabetes2204 female1188370 hat77200 mail1079 mailmare1026 mailmare hat171 mailmare uniform47 mare426789 misleading thumbnail1015 op is trolling us5 simple background349003 sitting55830 smiling218091 solo982313 transparent background181091 uniform9449 vector71352 wings81278


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If you pay close enough attention, the "WebM" text is actually in a slightly different font.

An easier indication is that the "WebM" header usually takes up the entire width of the thumbnail and not just the width of the animation.