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One night in the Capital of Canterlot, the small human prince Tommy has yet another dream episode. However unlike the terror of Sombra that had haunted his visions before, this time an old ancient threat decides to poke into the young boys dreams. What will Tommy find as he wanders the world of his dreams!

Brought to you and illustrated beautifully by the artist princebluemoon3 :iconprincebluemoon3:
Now continuing on with part 2!!
safe1749940 artist:princebluemoon3829 cosmos (character)533 oc711623 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:queen galaxia334 oc:tommy the human499 alicorn232801 draconequus12806 human158907 pony1010015 comic:the chaos within us458 black and white13468 canterlot5868 canterlot castle2270 castle2116 chains5106 comic111450 commissioner:bigonionbean2057 confused4886 crying44800 dialogue67940 evil grin4595 female1401389 fusion5364 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:queen galaxia277 grayscale39234 grin40885 horrified640 horror788 human oc616 magic75363 male387833 mare501935 monochrome152314 scared10757 shocked7250 shocked expression1030 smiling260730 stallion115656 traditional art120232 writer:bigonionbean1770


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