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Commissioned by:

Animated by: Me
suggestive130883 artist:radiantrealm331 artist:sonicrock5625 applejack161288 rainbow dash222460 earth pony210814 pegasus252130 pony869289 animated93465 applesub245 arm behind back5232 bondage31003 bound and gagged553 cloth gag1343 dashsub566 female1273002 femsub9521 gag13262 looking at each other17391 muffled words330 one eye closed26582 otn gag97 over the nose gag87 rope10500 rope bondage3394 sound7506 struggling904 submissive14150 tied up5231 voice acting249 webm11096


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Aww so cute and helpless, struggling together like this~ Their rear hoofies are so pretty tied in this way and the gag covers make it even better!

Hopefuly they will spend lots of exhausting hours struggling in this position >:3c
Artist -

Hoi Everyone
U do know i don't do this for free if u clearly read the Description i was commissioned by someone to do this i was paid to do this it would be nice to animate something none bondage related but no one really asks me for it an if u notice the only ones that isn't bondage related get negative results not my fault everyone like the stuff like this so and for the love of god dont think!!!!
"it's a little concerning" just because i have a lot of animations like these because it just fictional characters (not real people or animals) Don't Take this Me Animating Stuff Like This Serious!!!!!!