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And an alliance is born…
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Protector of 3 Kingdoms
I mean, the only benefit in gun mode is Megatron's ability to mind control an unwilling wielder. Actually, I wonder if we're gonna get a G1 Masterpiece Megatron in tank mode?

MLP, Megaman, Modularity
I was also fond of his double-copter form in Animated and his jet mode in Prime.

Really, anything that doesn't subvert his supposedly dominant strength with dependency.

Watcher behind shades
@Background Pony #E014
These days, classic Megatron has been reimagined as a tank. Has been since for quite a bit. Recent toylines have him as a tank. Frankly, it's better this way. Turning into Starsceam's targetmaster is a bit of a ballsy move.
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Background Pony #E014
But how come Megatron has transformed into a combat tank instead of a Walther P38 gun? Is it because Megatron has become a triple-changer?
Background Pony #D620
I guess this crossover means that both MLP G4 and the G1 2019 IDW Continuity existed in the same universe because Transformers 2019 IDW comic series was set during the MLP G4 franchise. Because Megatron is a tank. Not a Walter P38. This crossover was set in 2019 IDW Continuity of the Transformers comic series.

MLP, Megaman, Modularity
If you ask me, this should've been the original Megatron's alternate mode. A giant assault tank, not a pistol several times smaller than his own Fusion Cannon.
Background Pony #2AFE
megatron turns back into robot mode this is almost too easy chrysalis much easier almighty megatron than attaking the real thret princess twillights catsle megatron youre an idiot chrysalis when we sneak by eraly warning systems in ther own freiends and destroey ponyville theatoubots and ther pony friends will be vanqished forever spike no megatron such heroic nonsense