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Comic request #7

Based on a prompt

"Rainbow Dash and Applejack pranks Rarity with water balloons and as revenge Rarity uses her magic to make RD and AJ unable to move and giving them a full makeovers (makeup, hair , jewelry and clothes ) and they end up looking like beautiful fashionistas , RD and AJ are not happy about their new looks"


safe1585122 artist:dziadek1990401 edit119447 edited screencap57178 screencap206035 applejack159733 rainbow dash220742 rarity170948 comic:revenge is best served [adjective]2 boast busters1028 fall weather friends671 look before you sleep737 swarm of the century646 angry24361 applejack also dresses in style134 bondage30653 carousel boutique1912 clothes414160 comic101306 conversation589 dashie antoinette29 dialogue59518 dress40098 froufrou glittery lacy outfit79 golden oaks library4548 hogtied542 magic66482 powdered wig36 rainbow dash always dresses in style1526 requested art1179 revenge772 rope10337 screencap comic4245 slice of life1267 telekinesis24809 text51918 wet7224 wig813


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