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safe2155377 artist:bearmation234 starlight glimmer59376 pony1583317 unicorn529271 g42008176 cloak6265 clothes626031 female1782162 headmare starlight124 implied death3413 implied shipping7038 implied starburst183 implied straight6441 leaves3462 older39567 older starlight glimmer240 solo1410490 starlight wearing sunburst's robe25 sunburst's cloak882 windswept mane3591


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Super Lurker
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it just makes them bearable.
This was a lesson Starlight learned slowly and on her own, it took many sleepless nights and she had to shed many tears before she understood it, but that was the easy part. There were days that were better than others, some days she could smile and laugh and enjoy the feeling of being alive, other times it seems like life had sank its hooks on her and was dragging her through the day when all she wanted to do was slip away.
The years passed and she still miss him, it didn’t matter if five or ten years went by, his absence in her life was a hollow part of her heart that would never be filled. During all that time she thought that a part of her had died with him that night, but now that she was older and wiser she began thinking differently.
Putting on his robe gave her comfort, she could feel the love and the magic he left behind, and when she closed her eyes she could almost feel his embrace.
He might no longer be there by her side, but a part of him would live on and she would not squander the gift he has given her: the gift of life.