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safe2155375 artist:madkadd100 princess luna116313 alicorn310315 pony1583314 g42008173 absurd resolution67087 blushing269180 bust76661 cute263276 donut2956 ethereal mane13167 eyebrows23455 eyes on the prize6780 female1782159 food100040 glowing horn28742 horn179646 hungry809 licking27319 licking lips5609 lunabetes4329 magic95597 mare728858 polka dot background216 signature42702 simple background586011 solo1410487 starry mane6999 telekinesis38602 tongue out145055


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Background Pony #60B8
They didn’t have yummy baked goodies 1000+ yrs ago
only tough bread that cracked your teeth :(