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suggestive192743 artist:king-kakapo1335 princess celestia113871 rainbow dash283119 human251039 g42055506 absolute cleavage5345 belly button113025 big breasts128509 bikini26198 bracelet16146 breasts397864 busty princess celestia14018 busty rainbow dash11414 cleavage47537 clothes645595 duo179476 duo female33991 female1831352 high res409309 humanized121014 jewelry116375 necklace33190 princess celestia bikini3 rainbow dash bikini104 sexy46992 side-tie bikini739 size difference21788 stupid sexy celestia2282 stupid sexy rainbow dash4586 sunglasses21413 swimming pool4279 swimsuit39898 thighs29082 wide hips31356


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Background Pony #CDDC
And Celestia should not bother with altering their sizes. She’d look absolutely delicious in an undersized bikini! :3
Dash would also look cute trying to hold up an oversized one.