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suggestive145572 artist:king-kakapo1192 princess celestia95880 rainbow dash236287 human156838 absolute cleavage3573 belly button79568 big breasts83904 bikini18583 bracelet9689 breasts283710 busty princess celestia10399 busty rainbow dash8320 cleavage35148 clothes467583 female1382315 humanized100938 jewelry65787 necklace19405 princess celestia bikini3 rainbow dash bikini98 sexy30093 side-tie bikini424 size difference14634 stupid sexy celestia1584 stupid sexy rainbow dash2702 sunglasses14751 swimming pool2779 swimsuit28946 thighs14366 wide hips17751


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Background Pony #CDDC
And Celestia should not bother with altering their sizes. She'd look absolutely delicious in an undersized bikini! :3

Dash would also look cute trying to hold up an oversized one.
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