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safe2173922 artist:starbat145 cozy glow9569 lord tirek6287 queen chrysalis42156 centaur4690 changeling65889 changeling queen23876 pegasus496309 pony1602092 g42028571 the ending of the end3718 canterlot7153 female1802237 filly97347 finale73 legion of doom statue131 male550549 petrification1239 statue3228


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Background Pony #633A
Emerald Root: She killed dad (Timber Spruce). We’ve gotta destroy her!
Background Pony #31F2
Darth vader:I’ll give you guys one more chance this time you will annihilate anyone and anything that comes in your way
Background Pony #2DAF
How is them starting to care for each other going to reform them though? At best it gives them better teamwork so they have an easier time conquering Equestria.
Background Pony #5BB5
@Smart Heart  
The big thing that irks me is that just about everyone was ready to hang Discord when he was gonna be there to bail them out if his original plan had borne fuit where as when Celestia makes a plan she never actually puts up a safty net in case of such an emergency.  
The fact that Discord got out smarted was just unlucky in his case.  
Imagine if Twilight had failed to stop Nightmare Moon, I’m pretty sure Celestia didn’t have a back up plan for that chance.
Smart Heart

@Background Pony #C2E1  
I couldn’t have said it better myself! The finale tried to paint the three of them as irredeemable monsters despite having a slight moment of realization that caring for each other might not be so bad after all. And it tried to paint Discord as the victim even though he emotionally manipulated those three into getting an all powerful artifact and try to kill Twilight Sparkle knowing full well that they would be defeated or worse, killed off! I’m still surprised so many viewers were taken in by his “But I oNLy WanTEd to heLp TwiLgHT feEl gOod aBOUt BeIng a LeaDer” oxsyay, it’s downright scary. Seriously, Hasbro, staff….!
Background Pony #C2E1
I think the reason this shocked so many people was because earlier episodes had shown softer sides to these three, and we the audience actually came to care about them. They looked like they were heading on the right way, but needed guidance. Further, Grogar came across as entirely unlikeable, so we sympathized with their attempts to betray him.  
Then, we get the twist Grogar was actually Discord, and then the finale goes out of the way to make them worse than before. To make things worse, the ponies make no real attempt to reach out to them. And then this petrification happens after they were defeated, which is intended to be “cathartic”, but for many it just made the Sisters seem vindictive rather than just. And the guy who started all this gets to decide their fate!  
I was so disturbed by their Petrification I didn’t eveN watch the final episode. I’m confident that wasn’t the intended reaction.  
I hope season 10 fixes it, but let’s face it, the comics can be hit and miss.
Background Pony #5BB5
If it were up to me that statue would be sitting at the bottom of a fish tank full of bitacuda.