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A random idea about replacing Grubber with Sans from Undertale, to tell skeleton puns to Tempest.
safe1577498 artist:droll3271 tempest shadow15393 pony847246 unicorn266961 my little pony: the movie17904 angry24016 armor21678 bloodshot eyes1176 bone2568 broken horn12775 crossover57196 duo49484 female900855 horn43550 magic65970 mare416332 monochrome148000 sans (undertale)418 shrunken pupils2458 simple background346281 skeleton1626 sketch58940 smiling215449 tail19375 teeth7815 tempest shadow is not amused215 this will end in death2047 this will end in pain1718 this will end in tears3053 this will end in tears and/or death2123 traditional art109423 trolling437 unamused13773 undertale1567 white background87293


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