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Background Pony #3C19
no, you are correct in saying if it were not for Lucas the star wars fandom would not exist. That's pretty reasonable to hold as true. Do you think that the authors intent is important when trying to understand their work?
Background Pony #3C19
This is exactly why I made this. I believe the original charm of these characters comes from how simple Lauren was able to make them, while simultaneously still allowing them to be abstractions of horses. As for the reductio ad absurdum argument that, "It's a cartoon unicorn. Her eyeballs also take up half of her head. Why not change that as well?" I will answer by giving the analogy that when a child draws a stick figure their parent doesn't ask them why it's not wearing any clothes. It's for you to see a person who's wearing clothes onto that abstract representation of a person. The art I edited was the equivalent of taking a stick figure and giving them clothes, tattoos, freckles, and full face. It's defeats the purpose of making a stick figure and doesn't make it anymore human.