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Now that Pony Life started (not officially in the US, but in good ol’ Canada) I thought I draw something in connection to it. So I tried to do something where I combine the show’s style with my own. It’s mess as I can’t draw”chibi” stuff to save my life.XD
Wasn’t sure if I should add my thoughts on the show here too or just on DeviantArt. But might as well do it.
Just with the episodes that are out, I think it’s fine. Definitelly meant as an inbetween show until the G5 movie (also more toys that Hasbro can sell).
It feels a bit too fast paced for me, but that’s kinda happens when the episodes are like 10 minutes long (technically 5, but they pretty much just cut the episodes into two parts). It did make me chuckle at times, so that’s a plus. It also nice to have the og voice actors back, as they straight up own the characters.
So in short, I’m gonna follow it. Not sure if I will do episode drawings for it, like I did for the main show, but we will see. If there’s inspiration than why not? Also, If I do I don’t know if I just go with my normal style or with a ‘chibi’ style like here. I guess we will see that one too.

safe2155361 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1149 applejack198850 fluttershy256192 pinkie pie253726 rainbow dash277462 rarity215917 twilight sparkle354848 alicorn310312 earth pony438261 pegasus488386 pony1583295 unicorn529253 g4.57690 my little pony: pony life6822 apple20993 cheek fluff9224 chest fluff64008 chibi18183 ear fluff49355 food100039 hoof fluff3173 mane six37339 open mouth233341 smiling390311 straw in mouth1481 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148101 unshorn fetlocks45244


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