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safe2153060 artist:bobthedalek1079 starlight glimmer59324 stellar flare1630 sunspot (g4)77 pony1580976 unicorn528127 g42006134 angry36236 atg 2020930 blaze (coat marking)3588 burn322 coat markings12796 crying54934 cute263025 facial markings5720 female1779731 filly96124 filly guides441 filly starlight glimmer688 foal42786 glare9010 glimmerbetes4747 hoof over mouth488 implied firelight32 laughing10950 male542499 mare727418 newbie artist training grounds8328 offscreen character51205 smiling389331 smirk17907 socks (coat markings)7710 stallion191476 stellar flare is not amused18 tears of laughter1237 this will end in a night on the couch58 this will end in divorce67 trio25300 wavy mouth5444 younger22613


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Sky Blazer

(realises his previous comment contains an error, and is correcting it)
“I offer you a choice, Sunspot: don’t laugh or be gelded.”