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"How am I running out already?" Lyra wondered as she started on her next row of doughnuts. It seemed that despite having eaten a box and a half of the fresh pastries, her appetite was eager for more of those sugary treats. She hadn't even had them for 20 minutes, and she was nearly done.

Though, it was hardly even a mystery why her food always seemed to disappear so quickly. Lyra's been practically inhaling her food lately, stuffing herself silly as she barely took the time to chew anything. Her parents had already warned her that if she won't watch her expanding waistline, she could at least slow down with her eating habits.

But alas, Lyra continued to ignore that concerning bit of advice. She opened wide as she stuffed the whole doughnut into her greedy mouth. Once again, taking little time to appreciate the delicious flavor, she quickly gulped it down, adding just another helping of fat to her ever-growing body.

Suddenly, her bulging belly growled hungrily, still wanting to be fed. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm still hungry after all this." Although she didn't mind the extra hundreds of pounds she gained, it wasn't exactly encouraging any sort of convenient diet.

She stuffed another doughnut into her maw when she heard a familiar voice. "Hey, Lyra!"

Already feeling her spirits lift from the cheerful sound of her voice, she looked up to find her girlfriend, Bon Bon, making her way to where she sat. She was even holding up two fresh boxes of doughnuts, bringing Lyra's spirits up higher.

With a skip in her step, Bon Bon walked up and sat along side her large girlfriend, but not before planting a kiss on her chubby cheek. "I know you said you were bringing doughnuts, but knowing you, I figured you'd want some extra," she teased with a wink.

"Aw, thanks Bonnie. You do know me so well!" Lyra smiled as she took yet another doughnut from the box.

Looking down from the nearly empty boxes to Lyra's plumped-up face, Bon Bon suddenly gave a knowing smirk. "Lyra, have been eating too quickly again?"

suggestive132628 artist:neongothic176 bon bon15676 lyra heartstrings28421 sweetie drops15676 equestria girls187583 :j17 bbw4056 belly25934 big belly9580 big breasts73792 bingo wings1915 breasts254231 busty lyra heartstrings894 chubby cheeks3329 cleavage32242 donut1875 double chin1576 fat20653 feeder bon bon75 female1286127 food64284 huge belly2543 huge breasts34472 huge butt8752 lard-ra heartstrings179 large butt14336 lesbian91852 lyra feedee84 lyrabon3158 morbidly obese7223 obese10700 shipping188326 ssbbw1566 story included8374 thighs9935 thunder thighs7241 weight gain3826


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Late Brony
Can we all appreciate the great comparison between thin feeder and huge obese feedee? Is just impressive! 0.0
Background Pony #C061
The original fanon feeder/feedee couple of MLP. That's some nostalgia right there.
Background Pony #0211
Didn't you tell someone you were working on an image of Rarity squeezing out of the side-door of a taxi?
James A Williams
Ten years of changes - Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MLP:FiM!
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It’s great to know Bon Bon still loves Lyra even after stuffing herself at the eating contest. It’s kind of a pity Bon Bon isn’t anywhere near as fat as her GF, but I love the thin friend loving her fat friend. I like that dynamic.