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Artist’s description:
gordon ramsay voice IT’S RAW.

safe2150455 artist:higglytownhero679 rainbow dash276844 pegasus486248 pony1578341 g42003944 angry36179 bust76461 cookie4974 cookie dough53 counter444 cross-popping veins2690 cute262546 dashabetes12073 dialogue90822 eyes on the prize6765 female1776904 floppy ears71733 food99717 mare726061 offscreen character51018 pillsbury doughboy2 solo1406783 speech bubble37979 this will end in food poisoning7 weapons-grade cute4622


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Background Pony #8E1C
Okay then, that’s fine. If you fed cats or dogs chocolates with the intent of poisoning them, then that would make you a horrible person. If you fed them chocolates not knowing that it’d poison them, then that would make you a horribly stupid person.
Background Pony #8E1C
No, not “maybe”. Never ever ever give chocolates to cats or dogs (or most other non-human animals for that matter). Unless you want to poison them, in which case, go right ahead, but do so knowing that you’re a horrible person.
Background Pony #3BE0
Rainbow Dash: (Looking and at cookie dough, licking her lips, and stomach growls.) so hungry.  
Owner: No Rainbow Dash that’s not for you buddy.  
Rainbow Dash: (Whimpers).
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Is there a chocolate alternative for horses?
Don’t know if that’s bad for them, but white chocolate is fine for dogs.
Chocolate is incredibly bad for equines cuz they can’t metabolize the theobromine in them, which’ll stay inside until it builds up and is puked out, or a surgeon removes it. Same for dogs, they can’t metabolize it, but at least they usually puke it out before it gets dangerous.
Either way, it’s gonna be dangerous.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -

“But it says Chocolate Chip Cookie!”  
“It says Dough!”  
“It looks like chocolate chip cookie!”  
“It’s RAW!”  
Background Pony #8E1C
Yeah, those’re options too, but you don’t need a binding agent if you’re just gonna eat the dough (though fruit paste might make it taste better).
Background Pony #08AD
i also eat raw cookie dough sometimes, it’s super tasty. never had a problem either!
@Background Pony #851F
i’m always leery about information like this. on one hand, you’re giving people a means to avoid poisoning their dog. that’s good. on the other, you may be inadvertently arming horrible people with everything they need.
Background Pony #8E1C
If you wanna eat raw cookie dough, you should make it yourself. Bake the flour first (as raw flour can have some nasty diseases like E. Coli), then just follow the normal cookie recipe, minus the eggs (as the eggs are just a binding agent to keep the cookie together, but you don’t need that if you’re just gonna eat the dough).
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

dead to you
human: No, Dash.  
Dash: …  
human: Quit staring at the dough, it’ll be cookies soon enough.  
Dash: …  
human: And get your hooves off the (blink) counter, hey, where’d the dough go?  
Dash: (chewing)I’on’know.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Fennekin The Firefox
Me:No Dashie this is a raw cookie dough  
Me:No Dashie this is a raw cookie  
Me:Mom……. Dashie being silly……