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"And one! And two! And one! And two! Keep it up ladies!"

Sweetie Belle huffed and panted as she followed along with the instructor and completed another set of jumping jacks. Rarity had purchased her a DVD called "Filly Fitness" that billed itself as "a fun fat-burning workout for young mares." Sweetie Belle liked the hip-hop music, but the workouts were fast-paced, and it was all she could do to keep up. The past two days had been exhausting.

Rarity had sewn her little sister a new set of workout clothes. The getup consisted of a pink sports bra and matching sweat pants. Sweetie was not thrilled about exercising with her belly bulge on display, but Rarity insisted it was for the best.

"When you want to quit – and you will – just glance down at your waist, and you'll remember why you're doing this." Rarity had said.

Sweetie didn't need to look. As she completed her jumping jacks, she could feel her belly butter jiggling as it spilled over the elastic waistband of her sweat pants. She finished her jumping jacks, and the session came to an end. Practically gasping for breath, she picked up her water bottle and took a long swig.

Gulp! Glug! Gulp!

"Phew!" Sweetie panted, wiping her brow and taking a moment to examine her bare belly, which was now dripping with sweat.

Presently, Rarity came around the corner to check on her little sister. "How is it going, my young apprentice?"

Sweetie Belle was still trying catching her breath. She swallowed. "Do I look any skinnier?"

Rarity couldn't help but snicker. "Darling, you can't expect to see a change right away. But if you stick with it, you'll drop a couple of pounds before the week is out."

"A couple of pounds!?" Sweetie Belle whined. She sighed, and began packing up her workout gear.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Rarity asked pointedly, "You still need to complete your tummy toning routine."

Sweetie paused to guiltily gaze down at her midsection. Her abs were still sore from yesterday, and her stomach was unaccustomed to so much work and so few cookies. It rumbled softly, as if it were complaining.

Rarity seemed to sense Sweetie's willpower wavering. She smiled coyly. "I will remind you that summer is coming. That means summer clothes, pool parties, and boys. Isn't there a certain colt you've had your eye on?"

Sweetie's eyes widened as she pictured that certain colt. The thought of him standing there by the pool, shirtless, filled her stomach with butterflies.

Rarity continued, "If you put in the work and lose that cookie dough, you will earn yourself a very striking figure."

Sweetie now imagined herself in her bikini, showing off a toned flat tummy that drew the eye upward to her chest, further accentuating her impressive bust. If she achieved her goal, her crush would simply have to notice her.

Sweetie sighed, set down her workout gear, and started a set of tummy crunches, groaning with effort as she squeezed her roll of cookie dough.

One down… ninety-nine to go.
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Background Pony #BE1F
Oh, and don't bother calling this "Sweaty Belle" anymore. Here's the real title: "Filly Fat — Part 2".
Background Pony #BE1F
Oh, and don't bother calling this "Sweaty Belle" anymore. Here's the real title: "Filly Fat — Part 2".