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Trixie: And you tell Trixie that none of them knew?
Starlight: Should’ve seen Twilight’s face, she was all like “What.”
Trixie: How could they not notice? You have like 3 portraits of my face in your room.
Starlight: The thought we were “such good friends.
Trixie: What about the times you spent the night at my wagon, while we WEREN’T on tour?
Starlight: We were having sleepovers outside the castle because we are so considerate as to not wake Twilight or Spike up.
Trixie: Well, they’re not too wrong on that one, Miss Banshee Glimmer~
Starlight: Oh, shut up!
Well, what have we here? We have best ship, of course! As much as I love Applejack, and as much as I adore shipping her, and as much as I defend many of her ships, no other ship in this entire show sends my whole Shipping Senses a-tinglin’ like these two! From the very moment they started becoming friends, they cannonballed into my heart, smashing through any ships I had with either of them and other characters, and firmly cemented themselves as perfect fits for each other. And this feeling only grew with the seasons and with every single interaction they had. Yes, they can get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but a good relationship, isn’t a hitchless one, but one that can learn from its mistakes, and fix the issues with love and care. And yes, I know canonically Starlight is like, very into Sunburst, but he does not deserve her and they’re not a good fit! StarTrix are the one and only ship possible, you can either agree or be wrong. After all, Princess of Love Mi Amore Cadenza herself mentions in their very first meeting “You two have a real chemistry.” with lidded eyes. Now if that ain’t all the proof I need, I don’t know what is!
Here’s also an alternate version with your POV and some new Trixie Dialogue.


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