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safe2176003 artist:bean6 apple bloom60067 princess luna117242 scootaloo58790 sweetie belle56776 alicorn314783 earth pony446992 pegasus497173 pony1604226 unicorn538687 g42030847 alcohol10166 blushing274468 cover art1629 cutie mark crusaders22396 drunk5990 drunk luna113 drunkaloo23 drunker belle28 female1804513 filly97445 fimfiction707 flower39555 full moon4888 high res407888 mare742158 moon31433 stars23435 table13080 underaged drinking72 window14034


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With the few wonder how princess Luna was to supply the CMC with alcohol when sweetie belle had done martinis as princess Luna and apple bloom enjoyed the finest apple cider when scootaloo had passed out from doing shots.