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safe2172760 artist:oofycolorful783 applejack200317 big macintosh33577 derpy hooves57484 flam2461 flim2569 fresh coat286 kerfuffle704 lyra heartstrings34082 petunia petals225 princess celestia112634 rarity217415 starlight glimmer59944 sugar belle3761 sunny skies154 twilight sparkle357467 alicorn313811 earth pony445627 pegasus495837 pony1600937 unicorn537270 g42027251 rainbow roadtrip1835 alicornified7500 amputee6697 apple eyes68 bigmacicorn243 boater50 bowtie15014 cute265549 dipper pines425 female1801080 flim flam brothers1454 gordon ramsay157 gravity falls1613 hat124109 long glimmer256 long neck1424 long pony421 male550209 petuniasky36 princess big mac282 race swap21621 shipping253981 starry eyes5788 straight178916 top hat5614 wingding eyes40215


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