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As Luna and Celestia dealt with the events at the Royal Palace infirmary. My housedhold continued its journey to Ft. Trotterdale in my Equestria dreamscape

"And now we're crossing Green Foal River via the Far Gallop Bridge!" Petina said with a chipper voice. "Until a few years ago it was the longest steel trestle bridge in Equestria!"

We'd left Manehattan the day before and as morning dawned we were rolling into Fillydelphia. We would spend the night there then in the morning we would complete the final leg of our rail journey to Baltimare. From there we would the paddle-wheel steamer the Sea Stallion.

Petina was levitating a small book in front of her and the giant Celestia plushie that sat in her lap. With a smile on her face she read off various tidbits of information from it. The Baltimare Coastal Railroad provided these little guide books for free to all first class passengers. It was an interesting collection facts, stories, and histories concerning the towns, cities, locales the Baltimare Coastal Railroad served.

The guidebook was a rather ingenious bit of marketing. First and foremost it helped stave of the boredom of being on the train for hours and hours. Second helped to portray how the Baltimare Coastal had helped the communities along its route grow and thrive. And finally it helped encourage visitors to the communities it served. Which in turn helped sell tickets on their lines.

They even made it so the back cover was perforated so it could be removed and used as a post card.

The white unicorn continued her monologue. "And very soon we'll be passing by the Celestia's Light College which of course is named in your honor your Highness."

Not only was Petina pointing these landmarks out to her roommates, she seemed to be doing it for the benefit of the giant plushie in her lap. It was kind of amusing to see her talking to the doll like some little filly. She kept this up until we finally arrived in Fillydelphia.

To be continued.
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"It got a little unnerving when Petina began speaking for the doll. Her Celestia impression was nearly perfect, but it was still pretty weird."